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Take care of child, goal of preschool tribe

Toddlers (Age group 2-3 years)

Toddlers are sensitive towards the world around them. At this age they are like little sponge, picking up every bit information about the world around them. Our curriculum encourages the children to explore their environment and encourage interaction with other children through meaningful play-based activities. Children learn to freely explore, investigate and experience a wide range sensory, creative and physical experience while learning the value of focusing on a single task, which helps them to improve their fine motor skills. Circle time for children is a wonderful opportunity for cooperative learning, developing self-regulation skills and sharpening attention span.

Pre-K (Age group 3-4 years)

Children in pre-k spend a lot of time watching, observing and imitating. At this age, language and cognitive skills will be developing. Our goal is to help the children to be independent, to recognize phonic sounds to begin the process of reading. We focus on pre writing skills which helps the children to build finger dexterity with hand-eye coordination, give strength to the grip and even in wrist movement.

K1(Age group 4-5 years)

At K1 the child starts getting “big picture” view of the world. They love to have conversations and talk in detail about all sorts of things. Our curriculum helps the children to learn basic English language skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. We help to develop the concept of numbers and shapes from concrete to abstract through various activities. We help the children to develop greater independence, self-control and creativity.

K2 (Age group 5-6 years)

K2 children are creative and enthusiastic problem solvers. The math magical thinking of the children becomes more abstract. Our curriculum
helps in developing awareness of their unique strength, abilities and leaving skills. We help them to gain self-confidence by expressing themselves both creatively and imaginatively. Our program aims to make a pleasant transition to primary school so that the children can adapt to the new environment and are progressively initiated into the world of formal learning.

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