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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri : 08.30 AM - 05.30 PM

About Us

About First Touch Academy

Our preschool program enhances a child’s innate curiosity and provide a rich and carefully resourced environment to stimulate learning and development in children.

Our Benefits

Our Parent - Teacher communication

We strongly believe in collaborating with parents when it comes to building a child's character. Communication between parent and teacher helps analyze a pupil's interests and behavioral patterns. Thereafter, we guide them on the right path for their unique success.

Fun Activities

At First Touch, a well-proportioned curriculum is designed that offers students an extensive range of recreational activities to build skills apart from academia. In-house leisure activities are coupled with periodic excursions and field trips that ensure the optimum well-being of the children.

Child Psychology

Our teachers are highly trained when it comes to understanding child psychology. This aspect in a teacher is extremely vital as it helps build a connection with the students and truly comprehend a child's needs. In the modern-day environment, taking special care of a student's behavior and attitude in its developmental stages is our priority.

Character Building

We believe that setting an ideal example is the most efficient way of incubating values in children. Our educators, as leaders portray and put forth their best versions for kids to learn and understand interaction. Furthermore, we readily guide them to improve and build a strong and confident character.

Personalized approach

We strive to decipher every child's unique personality and needs and cater to bring about the best results in them. FTA highly regards and appreciates each child's distinctive talents and abilities and aims at fostering their skills with utmost love and care.

All round development

Your children will learn how to compromise, be respectful towards others, and solve problems. Our preschool will provide a place where your child will gain a sense of self, explore, play with their peers, and build confidence. Kids in preschool usually discover that they are capable and that they can do things for themselves instead of always asking mommy to step in. They will learn wonders – from small tasks like pouring their juice and helping set snack tables, to tackling bigger issues.

Facts About Us

Individual attention to each child.
Continuous testing, evaluation, and periodic assessment of students to track and amplify their progress. Reporting to the parents.
Catering to the physical, emotional, and intellectual appetites of children by the arrangement of a variety of experience-focused field trips and educational excursions.