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Our Course

International Montessori Teacher Training Institute

IMTTI organizes regular observation and training for all students, at First Touch Preschool in
India, as part of the curriculum of the regular course.

About the Course

on (1 year) course in Montessori Teacher Training for those wishing to work with, or be in charge of Montessori house of children in the age-group of 3 to 6 years. Under Graduates are awarded a Montessori Teaching Diploma for the Preschool level. Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training (Regular)

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Our Teaching Method

In designing this course, the IMTTI team has aimed at giving you an understanding of the Montessori
Method and an insight into the applications of the Montessori Tools.

  • Child Psychology: A study of the human development from birth to adulthood, the physical and
    psychology aspects of the child between three and six years. The child is seen as the constructor of the
    adult. Dr. Maria Montessori refined her theory of child psychology, borrowing heavily from the sciences
    of biology and psychology. She described childhood as a process in which a hidden but definite plan of
    nature unfolds as the child works to create the adult personality.
  • Montessori Philosophy: Focus is on the concepts of Montessori principles, such as the Absorbent Mind‟, Sensitive Periods ‟ and the „Human Tendencies‟, which are the subconscious powers, which guide the child in his self-construction.
  • Freedom: within a structured environment. The child is allowed to
    move around freely talking to other children and working with the equipment, which she/he chooses after demonstration of its use, by the teacher.